Daily Devotional

  • Making the Road: Walking through Lent (Saturday, April 9, Luke 21:37-38)

    Biblical forecasts of destruction are intended to call God’s peopleback to their faith. What future devastation could we avoid bylistening to Jesus? Jesus’ teachings in the Temple have been passedon through oral and written accounts. The road we make todaybuilds upon the lessons we have learned, collectively, as a peopleof faith.… Read More

  • Making the Road: Walking through Lent (Thursday, April 7, Luke 21:29-33)

    If you Google “images of fig trees” you will be delighted by pictures ofthick, twisty trunks lush with green, three-lobed leaves. Fig trees growwell in Israel because they love dry, sunny locations with porous soil.Their fruit is extravagant – green bulbs that ripen purple and breakopen to sweet, crunchy, reddish flesh… Read More

  • Making the Road: Walking through Lent (Wednesday, April 6, Luke 21:20-28)

    Have you ever considered a posture for hope? Aligning your body tobetter receive what Jesus offers? A yoga teacher taught me the benefitof mountain pose with a clarifying example. She stood “normally”:slouched, her weight unbalanced. She asked a student to press downon her shoulders. Our class watched as her body crumpled… Read More

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