Then Jesus said to them, “Watch out! Guard yourself against all kinds of greed. After all, one’s life isn’t determined by one’s possessions, even when someone is very wealthy.” Then he told them a parable: “A certain rich man’s land produced a bountiful crop. He said to himself, What will I do? I have no place to store my harvest! Then he thought, Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll tear down my barns and build bigger ones. That’s where I’ll store all my grain and goods. I’ll say to myself, You have stored up plenty of goods, enough for several years. Take it easy! Eat, drink, and enjoy yourself.” (Luke 12:15-19 CEB)

Most of us have experienced that feeling of relief when, after a time of hard work, we can finally take a breath. Our work is done, and now it is time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We look forward to taking a drive in our new car, treating ourselves to a fancy dinner, and being able to eat, drink, and be merry, much like the Rich Fool of the parable found in Luke 12.

This idea sounds great, right? But Jesus tells the crowd, with harsh criticism, God’s thoughts on greed:

“But God said to him, ‘Fool, tonight you will die. Now who will get the things you have prepared for yourself?’ This is the way it will be for those who hoard things for themselves and aren’t rich toward God.” (Luke 12:20-21 CEB)

The Rich Fool will die, and the stuff he has accumulated will be worthless to him. Ouch! Seems that although the Rich Fool had amassed substantial wealth, he forgot to acknowledge God’s role in his success. Instead of expressing gratitude to God for his abundance, he became complacent. He had become self-reliant rather than relying on God.

The journey of generosity begins with a fundamental understanding that God is the source of everything. Our relationships, skills, and even our wealth are blessings from our Creator. Being sealed by faith means we understand we are not self-made, but God-made. Finding our way home involves giving the glory and thanks to God for his eternal generosity.

~Kristine Miller


Can you recall a time when you became complacent and self-reliant? What happened to remind you of God’s provision in your life? How do you acknowledge your dependence on God and give thanks?


Try spending an entire day being attentive to all the ways in which God has provided for you. Keep a list in your journal and reflect on each one. Did you notice that while you’re listing your blessings, they keep coming? How can you express your gratitude to God?

From A Generous Life: 28 Days of Devotion. Copyright © 2019 Abingdon Press. All rights reserved.

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