The Mission of The First Presbyterian Day School is to make Christ known to these children as they develop values, concepts, learning skills, and social skills at their own rate of development.


1.      CHRISTIANITY – We teach about Jesus and the love that he so generously offers us.  We tell the children age-appropriate stories about Christ’s life and His teachings.  We encourage them to develop a personal relationship with Him through weekly themes, simple prayer, brief weekly worship, and everyday awareness.  We are committed to offering ourselves as Christian examples to our students, parents, and staff.

2.      DEVELOPMENT – We help children ease into the idea of school by giving them opportunities to grow socially, emotionally, and physically.  We help them to develop friendships and assist them in the interpretation and management of their emotions.  We teach them how to use and take care of their bodies by playing games, which improve their coordination and strength.  Most importantly, we help them to build their self-confidence by coaching them through their many accomplishments and challenges.

3.      ACADEMICS – We make learning fun so that children gain knowledge without even being aware of it.  We teach, through the use of games, dramatic play, and exploration.  We do not believe in long repetitious exercises in writing and reading.  Instead, we enhance a child’s desire to learn by creating excitement and by presenting an ever-changing line-up of books, crafts, activities, and field trips. Although academics are crucial to the overall learning process, we believe that children must be given challenges that are within their physical and mental capabilities.

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