Wednesday Night Supper

Dates/programs are subject to change depending on weather and program availability.

DateTeam in ChargeProgram
September 25Team 4Family Night Supper/Program-Ellie Honea
October 9Team 1Family Night Dinner/Program-Missionary Joanne Ringer
October 23Team 2Family Night Dinner/Program – Youth Mission Trip/CB Strange
November 6Team 3Family Night Dinner/Program – Finance/Website(online giving)
November 20Team 4Family Night Dinner/Program – Maryanne Liscio
December 4Team 1Family Night Dinner – Rev. David Fuller
December 18Team 2Family Night Dinner – Christmas Program
January 8Team 3Family Night Dinner –
January 22Team 4Family Night Dinner – Ralph Hawkins/Nicky Bracey
February 5Team 1Family Night Dinner –
February 19Team 2Family Night Dinner –
March 4Team 3Family Night Dinner-Lenten Lesson
March 11Team 4Family Night Dinner-Lenten Lesson
March 18Team 1Family Night Dinner-Lenten Lesson
March 25Team 2Family Night Dinner-Lenten Lesson
April 1Team 3Family Night Dinner-Lenten Lesson
April 15Team 4Family Night Dinner-FINALE

1  Kim Meadows – Ray & Harriet Beale
2  Kent Shelton – David & Sally Clark
3  Nicole Bracey – Linda Copeland
4  Kathy Dolianitis – David Parris & Leigh & Eddie Blount

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