Daily Devotional

  • Making the Road: Walking through Lent (Tuesday, April 5, Luke 21:12-19)

    These days of pandemic fear, anguish, frustration and despair presentChristian disciples with an opportunity to testify, to make Jesus’ wayknown through the evidence of our own words and behavior. We canembody a way that counters selfish individualism, obstinate, hunkereddown division, efforts to control, overpower, and oppress. We can speakand act from… Read More

  • Making the Road: Walking through Lent (Monday, April 4, Luke 21:9-11)

    Remember when we were afraid of our groceries? At the beginning ofthe pandemic I sat on my kitchen floor, laboriously Clorox-wiping everybox, bag, and can. I was terrified of the dangerous virus that we thenknew so little about. The Greek word for “terrified” in this passage canalso translate as “startled.” Jesus… Read More

  • Making the Road: Walking through Lent (Sunday, April 3, Luke 21:5-8)

    During the bleakest, most isolated times of the pandemic, I turnedto dystopian novels for comfort. It feels absurd that these harrowing,sometimes horrific, stories made me feel better, but they gave me freshperspective. “Well, it’s not this bad … yet,” I would think. And I beganto recognize not just all we had… Read More

  • Making the Road: Walking through Lent (Saturday, April 2, Luke 21:1-4)

    Money and privilege are seductive, skewing our perspective of bothpoverty and abundance. The wealthy gift-givers would be well servedto spend time with the poor widow. They could volunteer at thehomeless shelter, screen clients at the non-profit agency helping withutility bills or serve food at the soup kitchen. To be among the… Read More

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