Bringing God with You

May 19, 2013 ()

Bible Text: 1 Chronicles 29:17 |


Last week we talked about how you can live a more spiritual life in Christ naturally by adding a few habits in the morning, even if you don?t have a lot of time.? We talked about 4 habits; can anyone remember one of them?? Yes, talk to God in bed, giving him words of worship; talk to God in the shower and feel his presence; spend even 1 minute hiding God?s Word in your heart, and spend even 1 minute in prayer, and your day is much more likely to go well and have a sense of peace or joy about it.

What we?re going to talk about today is what happens after you leave the house, the 9 to 5 hours, the working hours.? When you?re interacting with the world.


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