Honoring God with Our Evenings

May 26, 2013 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 7:12 |


The past two weeks we?ve been looking at how to spend time with God on a moment by moment basis.? We looked at ways we could orient ourselves towards God in the morning that don?t take a lot of time to implement, and then last week we talked about how we could involve God in our working hours by maintaining integrity and showing love.

This week we?re going to continue to talk about spending our evenings with God, and what that might look like.? Similar to last week, we?re not going to focus on prayer or Bible study, but on how you live your life as a Christian.? The ultimate test of being spiritual is how your relationship with God affects your life.? In other words, we have to get down to the brass tacks and figure out what God wants me to do as a result of grace.? In this case, how would God like me to spend my evening?? Today we?re going to look at 3 ways that we can spend time with God in the evening.


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