Making the Road: Walking through Lent (Wednesday, March 30, Luke 10:25-36)

Although his identity is unknown, Jesus’ audience would have
assumed the robbers’ victim was Jewish. The Samaritan’s help
shatters expectations, defying a longstanding enmity between Jews
and Samaritans. As we make this road through Lent, we travel with
people of various ethnic identities and religious traditions, people
who appreciate Jesus but do not worship him as Messiah and Savior.
These fellow travelers are still our neighbors. We are to walk with them
as partners in good, merciful work. Jesus calls us to make roads that
break from the familiar fault lines of human borders and biases, roads
that all can travel safely.

Eternal God who moves beyond all boundaries and borders,
help us make our road safe and welcoming for all our neighbors.

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