Making the Road: Walking through Lent (Wednesday, March 23, Psalm 6:6)

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is believed to be the Western Wall of
the Second Temple of Jerusalem. Jews and other pilgrims pray – and
often wail – before the wall, slipping petitions written on paper into
its cracks. The divine presence, it is believed, never departs from this
Wailing Wall.
God’s name comes to our lips when we are suffering. Our prayers of
lamentation, our wailings, serve us better than ignoring or avoiding
our emotions. God is our compassionate listener and receiver of our
pain. God weeps with us in our grief and suffers as we suffer. Do not
be afraid to wail.
Loving God, you are here for us in our pain. Thank you for
sitting with us and holding our grief as your own. Amen.

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