Making the Road: Walking through Lent (Wednesday, April 13, Luke 23:32-38)

Who is the most powerful in this scene — those who violently and
brutally crucify? Those who scoff and mock? Those who cast lots over a
dying man’s clothes? Or, does the power reside in the innocent man on
the cross who forgives? The one who practices love in the face of hate,
who wages peace, not violence? This story isn’t over. The ripple effects
of Jesus’ love and forgiveness remain to this day.

God of glory, your ways are not the world’s ways, your power,
not the world’s power. Help us stand strong in the face of
persecution, turmoil, or grief. Help us do the hard thing that is
the right thing. Empower us with Jesus’ love and forgiveness, so
we can faithfully face whatever life brings. Amen

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