Making the Road: Walking through Lent (Tuesday, April 12, Luke 23:26-31)

The road Jesus walks turns from unassuming to humiliating as Jesus is led
to crucifixion. He will be hung on a cross on a skull-shaped hill outside
Jerusalem’s walls, a warning for everyone entering the city — don’t rebel
against Rome or this will be you. Simon of Cyrene, a visitor for the
Passover festival, is dragged out and made to carry Jesus’s cross. If Simon
refuses, he will likely be crucified too. In Mark 15:21, we learn Simon has
two sons. Are they with him for Passover? Do they beg their dad to do as
he was told to stay safe?

Lord, help those who get swept up in evil situations. Help us when
we participate in oppressive systems. Save us and set us free. Amen

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