Making the Road: Walking through Lent (Thursday, April 7, Luke 21:29-33)

If you Google “images of fig trees” you will be delighted by pictures of
thick, twisty trunks lush with green, three-lobed leaves. Fig trees grow
well in Israel because they love dry, sunny locations with porous soil.
Their fruit is extravagant – green bulbs that ripen purple and break
open to sweet, crunchy, reddish flesh – a desert luxury. It’s no wonder
the fig tree is the biblical metaphor for the peace and prosperity of
Israel, a sign of God’s kingdom to come. God is good — as good as a
sturdy tree bearing luscious fruit for all in a dry, desert climate.

God, you sustain us and feed us in a myriad of ways as we
make this road. Thank you for your beautiful fruit. Amen.

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