Making the Road: Walking through Lent (Saturday, March 26, Psalm 22:1)

“Why, God?” “Why have you forsaken me?” “Why are you so far from
me?” “Why won’t you help me?”
Throughout the Scriptures, people pray their questions to God.
Maybe we won’t get an answer. Maybe we will. But the assurance that
we can question God, that even Jesus asked, “Why?” on the cross,
gives me peace. God receives our questions without flinching, without
turning away, without judgment. Even without receiving an answer,
articulating what we don’t understand can serve as a cathartic, healthy
release, surrendering what we can’t know, to what we can — that God
hears us and receives us.

Loving God, thank you for hearing and receiving our questions,
no matter whether we can hear and receive their answers. Amen.

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