Making the Road: Walking through Lent (Saturday, April 16, Luke 23:50-56)

Despite the bustle of Easter preparations, I’ve always felt that Holy
Saturday should be slow and quiet — a day of respectful, hushed
grieving as we wait and wonder before the tomb. I imagine Joseph of
Arimathea tenderly taking Jesus’ broken body from that disgraceful
cross, wrapping his nakedness in clean linen, laying him gently in
the tomb. Perhaps we can walk through this Holy Saturday as Joseph
handled Jesus’ body — gently, tenderly, in awe of all God is doing.

Father of Jesus, you grieve today too. Your heart as wounded
as ours. We are in awe of your love for us, in awe of the lengths
you will go to save us. Hear our whispered prayers of gratitude
in the face of a gift we cannot begin to fathom. Amen.

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