Making the Road: Walking through Lent (Monday, April 4, Luke 21:9-11)

Remember when we were afraid of our groceries? At the beginning of
the pandemic I sat on my kitchen floor, laboriously Clorox-wiping every
box, bag, and can. I was terrified of the dangerous virus that we then
knew so little about. The Greek word for “terrified” in this passage can
also translate as “startled.” Jesus does not want us surprised or shaken
by terrifying happenings. Great conflicts will arise. Natural disasters
will disrupt and destroy. Famines and plagues will haunt us. But as we
experience these terrible plot points, God’s narrative still unfolds. God’s
promise is on the horizon, soon to be revealed. Keep walking this road.
There is hope.

Holy God, when we are startled by terrifying events, ground us,
once again, in your narrative of hope. Amen

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