Making the Road: Walking through Lent (Monday, April 11, Luke 23:1-25)

Jesus has upset the powerful and been betrayed by those closest to him.
Pilate’s ready to let Jesus go, but the crowd is stoked against him. They want
him crucified. Pilate asks, “Why? What evil has Jesus done?” But the crowd
is too swept up to hear, think, or respond. They are not individuals, but a
crowd with one objective: Kill Jesus.
When have you been swept up in a moment or a crowd that has steered
you away from Jesus? Reflecting on how that experience felt, what options
you had, what actions you could or should have taken, can help when you
find yourself in a similar situation.

Jesus, forgive us when we abandon you for the crowd. Help us be
clear-minded in following you. Amen.

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